Beautiful Bangladesh

Beautiful Bangladesh

Beautiful Bangladesh is a land of mystery and which has many historical value and beauty. There are many beautiful place in Bangladesh to visit and you can get some basic information through visit our website. We hope that which will help you to make your plan to visit most attractive place in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a very beautiful country in south Asia. It is a land with color, river and friendly people.  The most attractive tourist place in Bangladesh are-

  • Cox’s Bazar, the world longest sandy and shark free beach.
  • Saint Martin Island, the largest coral island with sweet coconut water.
  • Sonadia Island in Maheshkhali of Cox’s Bazar where you can see dark blue sea water, red crab, Keya forest etc.
  • Bhichanakandi in Sylhet, the bed of rocks and transparent water streams.
  • Jaflong, It is famous for the rolling stones from hills and overshadowed by subtropical mountains and rain forests.
  • Sundarban forest, the world largest mangrove forest and also famous for Royal Bengal Tiger.
  • Shajek Valley in Rangamati with red-green houses and clouds climbing on hills.
  • Lalbag Fort and Ahsan Manzil along with the bank of Buriganga River.
  • The amazing sunrise and sunset in Nilgiri, Bardarban.
  • Kuakata sea beach where you can be seen standing sunrise and sunset.

Besides these, you can also visit Mahastangarh in Bogra, Paharpur Bihar, Shalban Bihar in Cumilla and Shat Gombuj Mosque in Bagerhat.

According to my several years visiting experience of the country based on we give the above place name. If you think that we have missed something here please let us know.

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